Baked Chicken Roll

Baked Chicken Roll


250 ml cream
mushrooms 200g
chicken breast 1 pc.
potatoes 1 pc.
muscat nut powder
vegetable oil
hard cheese


1 Cut the chicken breast, liberated from the skin into thin paste, lightly beat off. Mushrooms clean off the ground, if necessary, to clean it, then cut into thin plates.
2 Pour the mushrooms into the pan with the mixture of the heated butter and sunflower oil, pepper, salt the, add a little ground nutmeg and cloves, fry the onion with the addition of small cubes.
3 Spread beaten off a plate of meat, put her spoon ready mushrooms complement cubes of cheese, roll up into a tube, to shift into a mold (seam should be at the bottom).
4 Cleaned tubers cut into 2.4 parts (depending on size), then an incision into slices each, not reaching a couple of millimeters before the end. Arrange the potatoes between the meatloaf, pour cream 15% fat, which adds salt and pepper.
5 Cover the form with foil and bake rolls of chicken breast with mushrooms in cream until fully cooked potatoes, at the end of cooking remove the foil and finish under the grill until golden brown.

Baked Chicken Roll

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