Bird’s Milk Cake

Bird’s Milk Cake


For the dough:
flour — 140 gr.
sugar — 105 gr.
butter — 105 gr.
egg — 1.5 pc. (75 gr.)
vanilla sugar — 1 hour. L.

For the cream soufflé:
sugar — 308 gr.
agar — 4 c. (gelatin — 20 gr.)
Water — 130 mL
butter — 200 gr.
condensed milk — 95 grams.
protein — 2 pcs. (60 gr.)
vanilla sugar — 3 c.
citric acid — 2 gr.

For the frosting:
chocolate — 100g.
vegetable oil — 10 gr.


(Preparation time — 60 minutes)

Prepare the dough: beat the butter and sugar, add egg and to dilute it vanilla sugar, whisk 15-20 minutes. Then add the sifted flour and knead the dough. Form two balls of dough, roll them in two thin layer and bake at 220? C for 8-10 minutes. One finished stratum lay on the bottom with a diameter of 22 cm.
Prepare the cream soufflé: whisk the butter with condensed milk. Agar soak for 30 minutes in the water, then add the sugar and boiled down to 110? C (5 minutes). Protein whisk with vanilla sugar and citric acid. Then trickle enter agar in beaten egg whites and gently whisk to 50? C. Then add the butter with condensed milk, stir quickly and Put the cream on the dough in the form of a layer. Top cover with a layer of a second and at it again Put cream. Remove the cake in the fridge to pour cream.
Then zaglaziruyte cake with melted chocolate and mix with the oil. If you are using gelatin, it is also soaked for 30 minutes in cold water and melt in a water bath (do not boil). Is then introduced into the shaken and cooled to 50? C protein and sugar. Cake «Bird’s milk» is ready!

Bird’s Milk Cake

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