Sandwiches with sprats and cucumbers

Sandwiches with sprats and cucumbers Ingredients: Round buns Sprat Cucumber Mayonnaise Greenery Vegetable oil Preparation: Step 1 mode buns into thin slices. Step 2 fry in preheated pan with oil until golden brown on both sides. Cucumber cut into long thin slices. Related PostsMushroom Frittata Recipe86Mushroom Frittata Recipe Ingredients: 240 g of potato mushrooms 45g eggs 4 pcs. Tomatoes 2

Quesadilla with chicken and pineapple

Quesadilla with chicken and pineapple Ingredients: Butter 100g Ground black pepper to taste Salt to taste 2 cups pineapple Cilantro (coriander) to taste Chicken breast 3 pieces Tortillas 8 pieces 3 cups shredded cheese Barbecue sauce 3 tablespoons sharp Related PostsBurrito88Burrito Ingredients: cakes — 8 pieces Sunflower oil — 2 tbsp. spoons Beans — 400 grams (fried) salad — 1

Pizza with blue cheese and pear

Pizza with blue cheese and pear Ingredients: Wheat flour 150g Water 250 ml Salt 5 g Olive oil 2.5 ml Dry yeast ½ g Gorgonzola cheese 100g Mozzarella cheese 120g Pears 1 piece Preparation: 1. Test — connect the flour, water, olive oil, salt and yeast in the following proportions: 1 kg flour — 1.5 l of water, 10-15 g

Рita with sausage

Рita with sausage Ingredients: Pita — 2 pieces Cucumber — 2 pieces Korean carrots — 200 grams Tomatoes — 2 Pieces Sausage — 400g Chinese cabbage leaves — 5-6 pieces Cheese — 150 grams Ketchup, mayonnaise — — to taste A bunch of fresh herbs — 1 piece Related PostsGerman Bread88German Bread Ingredients: Wheat flour — 500 g Drinking water

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