Pan-Fried Flounder Recipe

Pan-Fried Flounder Recipe Ingredients: Flounder 500 g Wheat flour 200g pinch salt Ground black pepper to taste Vegetable oil 200 ml Preparation: 1. Mix the flour with salt and pepper. 2. Clean the plaice and roll it in flour. If she has a calf — to remove. Caviar should fry separately if it fry in fish, it is a tasteless,

Baked sea bass with lemon

Baked sea bass with lemon Ingredients: Seabass 1 piece Lemons 1 piece Olive oil extra virgin 1 tablespoon Salt to taste Preparation: 1. Clean the fish, wash, dry with paper towels. 2. Make 2-3 longitudinal cut on each side of the carcass. 3. The fish with salt. To oil. The resulting cuts put slices of lemon halves. 4. Heat oven

Crispy Fish Batter Recipe

Crispy Fish Batter Recipe Ingredients: 500 g of fish for the batter: Eggs 2 pcs. sparkling mineral water 1 cup flour salt Preparation: 1 Prepare to mineral water with the addition of salted flour and egg batter the consistency of sour cream as a home. 2 sliced ready to dip in batter and fry in very hot oil. Serve soft

Salmon and Broccoli with Lemon

Salmon and Broccoli with Lemon Ingredients: 500 g of broccoli Salmon 500g 200ml milk hard cheese 125 g 100 ml cream eggs 4 pcs. 4 tablespoons butter 2 tablespoons lemon juice nut nutmeg 1 pinch Preparation: 1 salmon fillet cut into small pieces, sprinkle with lemon juice, add pepper, salt and set aside for half an hour. After 30 minutes,

Baked Fish with Cheese Sauce

Baked Fish with Cheese Sauce Ingredients: 500 g of fish fillet (tilapia, perch or other) 50 g cheese 2 tablespoons sour cream 1/4 part lemon Salt and pepper — to taste Preparation: First, a portion of lemon you need to grate the zest (get about a teaspoon of zest). Then, cheese grate. Defrosted fish with salt and pepper on both

Fish Fry Recipe

Fish Fry Recipe Ingredients: Fish fillet 500g Fat 100g Breadcrumbs ½ cup Wheat flour 2 tablespoons Eggs 1 piece Milk 50 g Preparation: 1. Prepared fish wash, dry on a napkin, salt and sprinkle with pepper. 2. Roll the first in flour, then egg moistened, diluted milk (1/4 cup 1 egg), roll in breadcrumbs. 3. Apply a fish on a

Finnish fish soup

Finnish fish soup Ingredients: Trout 700g Potatoes 5 pieces Carrot 1 piece Onions 1 head Cream 20% -s’ 500 ml Salt to taste Bay leaves 2 pieces Black pepper peas 3 pieces Dill 1 tbsp Preparation: 1. Head Trout, abdomen, fins pour a small amount of water (to cover the fish 2-3 cm) and cook over medium heat. Just before

Herring Salad Recipe

Herring Salad Recipe Ingredients: Herring (salted fillet) — 200 gr Egg (boiled) — 2-3 pieces Red onion — 1 pc Olive oil (or vegetable) — 3 tbsp / l Vinegar — 1 tbsp / l Mustard — 1 hr / l Salt — to taste Related PostsSalad «Caesar» with sea bass84Salad «Caesar» with sea bass Ingredients: 300 g fillet of

Fish soup with cheese

Fish soup with cheese Ingredients: 150g fillet of sturgeon 100g cream cheese Potatoes — 1 pc Onions — 1 pc 1 tbsp chopped dill Salt Preparation: First sturgeon fillets cut into small cubes. Then onion peel and chop. Peel the potatoes and finely chop well. The fish is lower in cold salted water and cook until tender. When cooking fish

Zakuro Sushi

Zakuro Sushi Ingredients: Figure (TM Mistral, japonica) — 50 g Nori (leaf) — 1 piece Salmon (smoked) — 2 loaves. Egg — 1 pc Egg yolk — 1 pc Soy sauce — 1 hour. L. Sugar — 0.5 hours. L. Salt (to taste) — 1 piece Vegetable oil (for frying) — 1 tbsp. l. Sesame (supply) — 0.5 hours. L.

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