Granola with applesauce

Granola with applesauce Ingredients: Large oat flakes — 400g Applesauce — 180 g Butter — 40 g Coconut — 35 g Ground nuts (almonds can be or whatever) — 40 g Cinnamon — 1.5 hours. L. Liquid honey — 5 Art. l. Large sea salt — 1 ch. L.

Potato and cheese dumplings

Potato and cheese dumplings Ingredients: 300 grams of flour some water to 120 ml one egg 50 grams of butter 800 grams of potatoes 200 grams of cottage cheese onion — 50 grams pepper, salt 30 grams of fat. Related PostsPancakes75Pancakes Ingredients: 400 ml yogurt Egg 2 pieces. flour 3 tbsp. l. starch (potato) 4 tbsp. l. Soda 0.5 h.

Mushrooms in sour cream (in pots)

Mushrooms in sour cream (in pots) Ingredients: mushrooms (white, Mokhovikov, aspen, birch) — 600g; sour cream (20% fat) — 250 ml; butter — 30g; salt — to taste; cheese (Gouda) — 50g. Preparation: Mushrooms wiped with a damp cloth to clean, if needed, cut into small pieces (about 2×2 cm). Pictures Mushrooms in sour cream recipe (in pots), Step 02

Russian food : mushroom julienne

Russian food : mushroom julienne Ingredients: — Water: 1 liter. — Chicken breast: 300 gr. — Oyster: 200g. — Milk: 1 cup — Butter: 2st.l. — Flour: 1st.l. — Cream: 150ml — Cheese: 1st.l. — Salt to taste Preparation: — For the sauce: fry flour, add butter. — Pour the milk, bring to a boil, mix with sour cream. —

Squid salad with melted cheese

Squid salad with melted cheese Ingredients: squids — 300 g Eggs — 2 pcs greenery cream cheese — 1 pc Garlic — 2 cloves mayonnaise Preparation: 1. Carcasses of squid washed, remove the insides, remove the film and remove the cartilage plate; Boil the squid dipped in boiling salted water and cook for 2 minutes after boiling. 2. Squid remove

Light salad with baked potatoes

Light salad with baked potatoes Ingredients: Potatoes young — 500g The feathers of green onions — 100 g Green bell pepper — 1 piece Dill — 0.5 beam Dijon mustard — 2 teaspoons Wine vinegar — 1 tsp Sour cream — 1 tsp Salt and pepper — to tastees

Сold soup

Сold soup Ingredients: 1 liter — kvass 400g — cooked beef 100g — Figure 100g — green onions 50 — 100g — dill 5 pieces — cucumbers 5 items — eggs horseradish sugar salt Preparation: Slice the beef slices small. Cook hard-boiled eggs, cool and clean. Slice the cucumbers and eggs into small cubes, radishes cut into small slices. Connect


Pancakes Ingredients: 400 ml yogurt Egg 2 pieces. flour 3 tbsp. l. starch (potato) 4 tbsp. l. Soda 0.5 h. l. salt 1/3 hours. l. sugar 2 h. L. vegetable oil 2 tbsp. l. Preparation: Beat the eggs with a mixer with sugar and salt. Soda add yogurt, stir and add to the eggs, beaten. Pour the flour, beaten, then

Liver cake with carrots and onions

Liver cake with carrots and onions Ingredients: Beef liver 1 kg 3 pieces of chicken egg Wheat flour 350g 500ml milk Luke 2 pieces Carrots 2 pieces Salt to taste Mayonnaise 1 Bank Ground black pepper to taste Preparation: Related PostsDressed herring84Dressed herring Ingredients: Herring — 1 pc Salmon — 150 g Egg chicken — 5 pcs Onions — 1

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