Tortellini with boiled pork and cucumber

Tortellini with boiled pork and cucumber Ingredients: White toast bread — 10 slices Slices of pork — 20 pcs Butter — 100g Olive — 20 pcs Cucumber — 2-3 pc Dill — for decoration Preparation: Yoheer(TM) Micro Blade Cheese Grater, Ginger Grater & Lemon Zester, Full Stainless Steel handle, Suitable for Carrot,Hard Cheese and Orther Vegetables & Fruits.

Tartlets with crab sticks

Tartlets with crab sticks Ingredients: Crab sticks — 2 pieces Hard-boiled chicken egg — 2 pcs Dutch Cheese — 100g Mayonnaise — 1 tbsp. l. Salt and pepper — to taste tartlets Preparation: Shop Handmade at Amazon — Festival Jewelry

10 Tortellini recipes

10 Tortellini recipes 1. Simple option: cheese, olives, ham (or sausage). 2.Olive and several kinds of cheese (hard yellow and white cheese). 3.Retsept on skewers — with smoked sausage. Sausage need to buy a small diameter and chop finely. A tip is decorated with pieces of boiled potatoes in their skins. 4.Tortellini with herring Chop finely and mix with herbs

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