Chicken with yogurt and orange sauce

Chicken with yogurt and orange sauce


chicken fillet 500g
oranges 300 g
onion 200 g
lemon 150 g
yogurt orange / peach yoghurt 125 g
garlic 2 cloves
vegetable oil
red pepper powder


1 Peel the peel from one well-washed orange. Squeeze the juice from the remaining oranges and lemon. Slice the onions into semi-rings. Chicken fillet cut into slices. In the citrus juice add a hot red pepper, crushed garlic, salt, mix together with chopped onions.
2 Put the chicken fillet in the resulting marinade, put for an hour in the fridge.
Remove the meat, marinade drain, discard the onions.
4 Fry the fillet in vegetable oil, pour the marinade and put out for 20 minutes.
5 At the end of the cooking, add the zest and yogurt, put out another five to seven minutes.

Chicken with yogurt and orange sauce
Chicken with yogurt and orange sauce

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