Chocolate Croissant Recipe

Chocolate Croissant Recipe


500 g flour
milk 250 g
chocolate 150 g of 70%
butter 60g
60 g water
9 g dry yeast
egg 1 pcs.
sugar 1 tsp
1 tsp salt
vegetable oil


1 In a small, but deep container of warm water to dissolve the yeast and set aside for 6-7 minutes in a warm place. Add the yeast and warm milk sugar, mix and set aside again. In the flour add salt, 60 grams of butter and grind into crumbs hands. When yeast is suitable, make flour and butter recess to pour the liquid from the yeast and knead the dough.
2 Once the dough is separated from the walls of the cookware, to pass it on the table and knead another 5 minutes Dough turn silky and gentle, will not stick to hands. Roll the dough into a ball, put in a greased container, roll the dough in oil on all sides and cover the container with foil or a towel. Put the dough on a half-hour in a warm place.
3 When it is suitable, obmyat. Punched the dough for about 5 minutes, then again to form it into a ball, put in a container and leave for about an hour. Then the dough is a little obmyat, formed from it is not a thin rectangle, wrap it in foil and send in the refrigerator at 30 minutes, then remove the dough, roll it into a rectangle is not fine (about the size of 16h32).
4 2/3 square rectangle to put the remaining butter, spread it on the surface, before reaching the edges of the 2 cm. Fold the dough, first wrap the dough edge (1/3) without oil, the test angles to pull, should get a flat rectangle. When folding the dough, you need a brush to remove excess flour. Then wrap the dough edge with oil, corners and pull.
5 Edges little squeeze. Next, turn the dough 90 degrees, roll a rolling pin on themselves and to themselves, to try to roll back the size of 16h32. Fold the dough three times book, wrap in foil and put in the refrigerator. Chilled dough roll it out on my own and to my book and fold again. Turn 90 degrees and roll as well as before.
6 Fold the book again (get the fourth folding), now the dough is ready. Wrap the dough in foil and send it in the refrigerator or 45 minutes, or until the next day. And you can freeze. Remove from the refrigerator, remove the tape, roll the rectangle (35h53 size).
7 Cut the dough in half lengthwise, and then each half cut into triangles. Chocolate break or cut into pieces. In one egg yolk separated from the protein and mix with 1 tablespoon milk protein is removed in a fridge. Generate croissants one.
8 First triangle need to stretch the width and length of the corners at the base of the triangle to make a small incision perpendicular. Remove excess flour with a brush, on the triangle to put a little bit of chocolate, cut the edge to bend over chocolate, guiding them in opposite directions. Reduce croissant towards the top.
9 vershinku little grease yolk, so it does not turn around, and twist the dough completely. The edges of the bend to the center — to make a crescent shape. Ready to shift the croissants on a greased baking sheet, leaving between them a little space. Lubricate with cold water, cover the top and leave a towel for about an hour at room temperature.
10 In a warm place to not put — oil spilled, the layers do not come. By the yolk that remains, pour protein and 1 tbsp milk and whisk. The resulting mixture to grease the surface of croissants and put the pan in the oven (220 degrees), 3-4 minutes reduce the heat to 180 degrees, keep the oven 15-20 minutes. Get croissants with chocolate filling from the oven and arrange on platter. You can eat hot or cold.

Chocolate Croissant Recipe

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