Classic Spanish Sangria Recipe

Classic Spanish Sangria Recipe


a glass of brandy (cognac)
0.5 liters of carbonated mineral water
2 oranges
2 lemons
2 apples
1 peach
1 liter of red wine
vanilla stick
5-6 cloves studs
1-2 cinnamon sticks
4-5 tbsp sugar


The glass carafe (or other container), pour the wine, add spices, sugar, lemon juice and orange.
Since juicer no, I first simply as possible squeezed orange juice and lemon in a decanter. The pulp is milled blender, and then triturated through a sieve and is also sent to the decanter.
Shake the mixture.
Apple and persimmon thinly sliced ​​into wedges and dropped into a carafe. Again shake.
Decanter close the lid, you can even put the mixture in a jar and tighten the cling film. The mixture was placed in a refrigerator until the time for the cocktail. I used to cook for the day. Soda, brandy (brandy), ice can be added directly into the carafe.
I like the other way: pour the drink into glasses, add fruit prospirtovannye, Serve, and then add the brandy and soda in a glass.

Classic Spanish Sangria Recipe

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