Gazpacho soup

Gazpacho soup


tomatoes — 1 kg;
green and red pepper — 2 and 1 pc. respectively;
red pepper — 1 pc .;
cucumber — 1 pc .;
Garlic — a couple of cloves;
Bread — 300 grams;
olive oil — 100 g;
Water — 1.5 l;


Gazpacho — chilled soup is prepared from vegetables or fruits. The original recipe is composed of garlic, olive oil, stale bread, salt and vinegar. Currently, this soup has a lot of varieties and analogues, but they still remain «cold».

Bread soaked.

Tomatoes, cucumber, pepper and garlic, chop. Everything is mixed.

Water, bread, vinegar, oil, salt added to the resulting mass, after putting olives.

Keep refrigerated.

Serve the gazpacho chilled. It is recommended to add the greens and crunchy croutons. The human body is due to salt, garlic and vinegar are not wasting water quickly, and calories from saturated oil and bread. Therefore, it is quite satisfying and rewarding. Some recipes gazpacho puree, so in demand by young mothers in cooking kids.

Bon Appetit!

Gazpacho soup

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