Greek salad

Greek salad

Ingredients :
Tomatoes 2 pieces
Green pepper 1 piece
Olives 10 pieces
Cucumbers 2 pieces
Dried oregano 1 teaspoon
Feta cheese 300g
Olive oil 5 ml
Salt on the tip of a knife
Red onion 1 clove


1. Cucumbers are thoroughly cleaned of skin and cut into large semi-circular slices. Fold in a deep salad bowl or wide bowl, which will be convenient to mix.
This Greek salad
2 tomatoes cut into large slices. Add to the cucumbers in a salad bowl and mix. Interfere with the Greek salad is best hands, adding a little at each step of olive oil.
This Greek salad
3. Sweet green peppers remove seeds and membranes and cut into large cubes. Add to the salad bowl. Mix with other vegetables.
4. Red onion cut into thin half-rings, and then the hands divided into thin petals. Put the rest of the vegetables, mix again.
5. Add to the salad bowl of olives, pitted (you can buy already delivered from olive pits, and you can clean them yourself, crushing the flat side of a knife every olives and removing the bone).
6. The solid feta sharp knife cut into rectangular slices 1 cm thick. For the cheese lime to the blade, the knife can be pre-dipped in warm water.
7. Once again, stir the vegetables in a salad bowl and arrange on plates. On top of each serving to put two slices of feta. Generously sprinkle with olive oil.
8. Lightly salt the salad and sprinkle with dried oregano. Top again drizzle with olive oil and serve immediately, until the vegetables are allowed juice.
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Greek salad

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