Homemade cakes

Homemade cakes


Egg chicken — 5 pcs
Sugar — 150 g
Wheat flour — 150 g
Butter — 150 g
Condensed milk — 200 ml
Brandy — 30 ml
Light Rum — 30ml
Cocoa powder — 10g
Powdered sugar — 10 g


First you need to make a cake. To do this, beat the egg yolks with the sugar until white, add the sifted flour and mix. Separately, beat whites until firm peaks, carefully add them to the dough, trying to keep as much air, and bake at 190 degrees 35-40 minutes. The most important thing here is the careful whipping.

Ready cake cool, let stand for a day or more, so that it dried up. If it is cut, it will go much faster. You can, of course, mangled cake into pieces and dry in oven. Dry biscuit crumbles easily, it can be ground in a blender, grinder or just put in a plastic bag and a rolling pin to stretch.

For cream to whip butter at room temperature, gradually adding a condensed milk, until a light cream light. Just set aside a couple of teaspoons of cream for decoration. To add a cream biscuit crumbs, brandy or rum. Please note that without these components will simply sweet mass and is not so good, so the alcohol does not regret.

From the resulting mass is necessary to dazzle the oblong cakes and roll them in a mixture of cocoa and powdered sugar. Give a little lie down and roll again. Ready-made cakes must lie a couple of hours in the refrigerator to properly soak. But before you eat them, soak them for half an hour at room temperature, then they will be right, a little soft consistency. Deferred cream must be used to decorate cakes

Homemade cakes

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