Homemade candy "Rafaello" in haste

Homemade candy «Rafaello» in haste

Candy invented by Pietro Ferrero, the owner of the bakery, which was known to the entire population of the small town of Alba. Bakery he had inherited, culinary genius Pietro demanded novelty and scope: bakery turned into a famous candy shop, and the name in the famous brand.

Difficulty: simple

Kitchen: Home kitchen


  • condensed milk 250 ml
  • coconut 60 g
  • hazelnut 50 g
  • butter 25 g


  • Melt the butter, add the condensed milk, coconut, mix well. Put the finished cream in the fridge for half an hour. Of chilled cream to sculpt the balls in the middle to put the whole hazelnuts. Roll in chips. Put the candy «Rafaello» in the fridge for another 15 minutes.

The Council

The sweetness can be stored in the refrigerator for several days.

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