Kiwi Curd

Kiwi Curd


4-5 kiwifruit (medium size)
300 g of cottage cheese
90-100 grams of biscuits
80-90 grams of powdered sugar
1 small packet vanilla sugar (or a pinch or two of vanilla)


Manually break the biscuits into small pieces, put in a bowl.
Kiwi cleans, leaving half for decoration, the rest pyuriruem blender. Part of Kiwi (half) was mixed with cookies.
Putting cheese with powdered sugar and vanilla sugar (instead of sugar you can put the taste of vanilla) and also whisk blender. Distributed equally in two bowls in one mix cottage cheese with kiwi puree left.
Now we form our dessert, taking 2 for this transparent glass.
The layers are arranged so: cheese with kiwi — cookies — without cheese kiwi. Once again we repeat the layers.
Kiwi slices and cookies decorate the top of the dessert.
For berry puree can be used not only kiwi — the least tasty dessert with strawberry, blackberry, raspberry. True, they do not give such a clear pleasant acidity, like kiwi.

Kiwi Curd

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