Liver cake with carrots and onions

Liver cake with carrots and onions


Beef liver 1 kg
3 pieces of chicken egg
Wheat flour 350g
500ml milk
Luke 2 pieces
Carrots 2 pieces
Salt to taste
Mayonnaise 1 Bank
Ground black pepper to taste


1. Liver scroll through a meat grinder (in food processor) to get the stuffing. Add to it the eggs, milk, salt / pepper and flour. After each ingredient is thoroughly mixed. Consistency should get on pancakes — fluid.
2. In a well-heated frying pan (previously greased) ladle pour the liver. The process is the same as that during baking pancakes. Making cakes — the ideal thickness of the cake should not be greater than 5 mm. Although it would otherwise delicious.
3. Onions cut into thin (!) Half rings (or quarters if large onion), carrots, three on a coarse grater. Number of onions and carrots, I point to the eyes. To be safe, you can fry a larger amount originally to accurately enough for stuffing.
4. In a separate skillet passeruem onions and carrots.
5. Form a cake. To do this, put the cake on a plate, on a thin layer of mayonnaise on top — a thin layer of onion and carrot cake the next, and so on. If a lot of cakes, for the convenience of take two cake, though not very high, but it will be convenient to cut. Or, halve the number of necessary ingredients.

Liver cake with carrots and onions

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