Multi cooker recipes : Caramel Yogurt Recipe

Multi cooker recipes : Caramel Yogurt Recipe


Pasteurized milk — 850 ml
Natural Yogurt — 150 gr
Candy caramel (toffee) — 150 gr


Milk bring to the boil, dissolve it in 20 pieces of butterscotch (caramel any). Then cool caramel milk to 40 degrees and strain. In the yogurt add a little caramel milk, stir until smooth mixture, mix with the remaining caramel milk. Pour into clean, dry jars and cover with lids. In a bowl put Multivarki jars, pour the warm water up to 2/3 of the height of jars. Enable mode «Yogurt» and set a time of 10 hours. When the time is almost ready jars with yogurt in the refrigerator until fully ripe yogurt — cooling.

caramel yogurt

caramel yogurt

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