Multi cooker recipes: sea fish

Multi cooker recipes: sea fish


Salmon — 500 grams
Nuts — 30 grams
Pine nut — 30 grams
Sol — 2-3 pinches
Spices for fish — 2 pinches
Water — 700 milliliters

The dishes of sea fish soft, healthy and low-calorie. And yet, if properly prepared — they are delicious. I suggest you recipe sea fish in Multi cooker recipes, using which you and get one of the delicious and healthy dishes from fish.
1. For this dish will suit any marine fish. My salmon. Clear the fish from scales and well washed. Cut into steaks.
2. rub the fish with a mixture of spices and salt.
3. Nuts grind.
4. In a bowl, pour the water and Multi cooker recipes set container for steaming.
5. spread the fish in a container and sprinkle with nuts. Nuts have to be a little pressed for fish.
6. Close the lid Multi cooker recipes valve for steam is set to «closed» mode .Vybiraem «Steam / desserts» and turn for 10 minutes.
7.Po end of the cooking time the valve is set to «open».

Multi cooker recipes: sea fish

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