Homemade marmalade

Homemade marmalade

sugar — 400 grams
syrup jam — 0.5 cups
gelatin — 30 grams
lemonade — 250 milligrams
citric acid — 0.5 tablespoon

1. Gelatin pour lemonade and set aside aside for 2-4 hours.
2. After a specified time in the gelatin is added sugar, syrup, citric acid, stir and put on a slow fire.
3. Stirring constantly, cook until smooth, not to bring to a boil.
4. The hot liquid is poured into molds, which are pre-moistened with water. Send the form to a cool place.
5. When the marmalade hardens, cut it into pieces and crumble in sugar or powdered sugar.
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10 Tortellini recipes

10 Tortellini recipes

1. Simple option: cheese, olives, ham (or sausage).

2.Olive and several kinds of cheese (hard yellow and white cheese).

3.Retsept on skewers — with smoked sausage.
Sausage need to buy a small diameter and chop finely. A tip is decorated with pieces of boiled potatoes in their skins.

4.Tortellini with herring
Chop finely and mix with herbs butter. Grease the bread with a mixture of oil and herbs, put a piece of herring on top, followed by a slice of lemon and onion. Read more »

Рita with sausage

Рita with sausage

Pita — 2 pieces
Cucumber — 2 pieces
Korean carrots — 200 grams
Tomatoes — 2 Pieces
Sausage — 400g
Chinese cabbage leaves — 5-6 pieces
Cheese — 150 grams
Ketchup, mayonnaise — — to taste
A bunch of fresh herbs — 1 piece

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Lasagna Roll

lasanga at home

lasanga at homeLasagna Roll 


For the pasta:
Flour — 100g
Eggs — 2 pcs
Yolk — 2 pcs
Olive oil — 1 tbsp Read more »

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