Caponata Ingredients : Eggplant 700 g Pelata Tomatoes 400 g Onion 1 clove Garlic 4 cloves 2 tablespoons capers Basil 20 g Red wine vinegar 3 tablespoons Olive oil 85 ml Toasted pine nuts to taste Salt to taste Ground black pepper to taste Related PostsKorean Cucumber Salad80Korean Cucumber Salad Ingredients: cucumbers, 3 pcs. carrots, 1-2 pcs. bulb, 1 pc. vinegar,

Cream soup of eggplant

Cream soup of eggplant Ingredients: Eggplant 600 g Finely minced garlic 2 cloves Chopped fresh thyme to taste Olive oil to taste Balsamic vinegar 1 tablespoon Onion 1 clove Water 500 ml Salt to taste Preparation: Related PostsVegetarian Soup93Vegetarian Soup Ingredients: Beets 1 pc Potatoes 2 pieces Onion 1 clove Carrot 1 piece Cabbage 300 g Tomato paste 1 tablespoon

Multi cooker recipes:pot roast

Multi cooker recipes:pot roast Ingredients: Pork 1.5 Bow 2 Carrot Garlic water 500 Vegetable oil Salt to taste Pepper to taste Hops-suneli to taste Preparation: Carrington Farms Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 54 Ounce Related PostsMulti cooker recipes: sea fish89Multi cooker recipes: sea fish Ingredients: Salmon — 500 grams Nuts — 30 grams Pine nut — 30 grams Sol —

Multi cooker recipes: cold boiled pork

Multi cooker recipes: cold boiled pork Ingredients: Beef 1 Vegetable oil 1 Garlic 10 Dry Spices to taste Salt to taste Preparation: Each clove of garlic need to roll in salt before they beef lard. Then, a piece of meat with salt, sprinkle with pepper, spices and coat with vegetable oil (it will then become softer). Now let stand up

Salad with squid and prawns

Salad with squid and prawns Ingredients: Lettuce — 1 head Boiled shrimp peeled — 100 g Squid — 2 pcs. Eggs — 2 pcs. Cucumbers — 2 pcs. For the filling: Mayonnaise — 4 tbsp. spoons Ketchup — 2 tbsp. spoons Cognac — 2 tbsp. spoons Salt (optional) — 1-2 pinches Related PostsSalmon salad, celery and carrots74Salmon salad, celery and

Banana cake

Banana cake Ingredients: For the dough: Flour — 1 and 1/4 cups (about 200g) Sugar — 1 tbsp. spoon Salt — a pinch Eggs — 1 Cold butter — 150g + 30g for greasing form For the cream: Bananas — 5 pcs. (750g) Eggs — 4 pcs. Lemon — 1 pc. Sour cream 20-25% — 150g Sugar — 150g Related

Homemade marmalade

Homemade marmalade Ingredients: sugar — 400 grams syrup jam — 0.5 cups gelatin — 30 grams lemonade — 250 milligrams citric acid — 0.5 tablespoon Preparation: 1. Gelatin pour lemonade and set aside aside for 2-4 hours. 2. After a specified time in the gelatin is added sugar, syrup, citric acid, stir and put on a slow fire. 3. Stirring

10 Tortellini recipes

10 Tortellini recipes 1. Simple option: cheese, olives, ham (or sausage). 2.Olive and several kinds of cheese (hard yellow and white cheese). 3.Retsept on skewers — with smoked sausage. Sausage need to buy a small diameter and chop finely. A tip is decorated with pieces of boiled potatoes in their skins. 4.Tortellini with herring Chop finely and mix with herbs

Рita with sausage

Рita with sausage Ingredients: Pita — 2 pieces Cucumber — 2 pieces Korean carrots — 200 grams Tomatoes — 2 Pieces Sausage — 400g Chinese cabbage leaves — 5-6 pieces Cheese — 150 grams Ketchup, mayonnaise — — to taste A bunch of fresh herbs — 1 piece Related PostsGerman Bread88German Bread Ingredients: Wheat flour — 500 g Drinking water

Lasagna Roll

Lasagna Roll Ingredients: For the pasta: Flour — 100g Eggs — 2 pcs Yolk — 2 pcs Olive oil — 1 tbsp Related PostsBaked Chicken Mushrooms Onions43Baked Chicken Mushrooms Onions Ingredients: Chicken 1 piece Butter 200g Mushrooms 4 pieces ½ onion pieces Garlic 2 g ½ lemon pieces 1 bunch of parsley Salt to taste Ground black pepper to taste

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