Pear mousse

Pear mousse


Pear — a sort of fruit and ornamental trees of the same fruit. Due to the shape and size of the bulb is compared with …
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50 grams of sugar
300 milliliters of water
13 grams of gelatin
Egg 4 pieces
cream 400 ml
600 grams of raspberries
liquor 30 milliliters
lemon juice


Fill the sugar with water, add lemon juice and boil the syrup for 2-3 minutes.
Clear the 900 g sliced ​​pears and, in syrup cook until tender, then cool in the syrup and crushed by the blender.
Separate the whites from the yolks, whisk the whites until fluffy foam, add the pear puree and stir. Beat the cream until fluffy, mix with pear mass and stir for 1 minute. Fill gelatin with water and leave to swell.
Dissolve the gelatin in a water bath and pour in the pear mass, stir, stir the mixture to sustainability, we shift into molds and cooled. Wipe the raspberries through a sieve, add the raspberry liqueur, boiled until thick and then cooled.
Pour the mixture into the dish raspberry, pear mousse put on top, decorate with raspberries and mint leaves.

Bon Appetit!

Pear mousse

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