Prawn and pineapple fried rice

Prawn and pineapple fried rice


Pineapple — 1 pc
Boiled rice — 3 cups
Shrimp — 12p
Cashews (roasted) — 1/2 cup
Shallots — 2 pieces
Half of carrot
Red pepper — 1 pc
Garlic — 3 cloves
Raisins — 2 tbsp
Curry — 1 tbsp
Soy sauce — 1 tbsp
Salt and pepper — to taste
Green onions, cilantro


First, a wok, heat 1 tablespoon vegetable or olive oil. Then fry the garlic clove to let it flavor. Put the shrimp and cook them. Put the shrimp from the wok and heat it for another 2.5 tablespoons oil on which to fry the shallots and remaining garlic. Add the chopped carrots and peppers. Put the cooked cold rice with raisins and pineapple slices cut from the core.

Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly all the contents. Add curry, soy sauce, salt and pepper and cook until tender, stirring constantly. Add more spices if necessary. Put the cooked shrimp and cashews. Increase the heat and hold a couple of minutes Mix all ingredients. Serve the rice in pineapple «boat.» Serve with green onions and cilantro.

Prawn and pineapple fried rice

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