Shrimp cheese ball salad

Shrimp cheese ball salad


lettuce — 1 head
peeled cooked shrimp — 200 grams
paprika — 1 hour. L.
curd — 100 g
lemon, juice only — 2 pcs.
green onions — 2 pen
salt — to taste
olive oil — 40 ml


Salad disassemble the leaves, rinse with cold water and dry on a napkin. One lemon peel, cut into slices. From another squeeze of lemon juice, zest and grate. Green onions cut into small pieces.
Step 2

Shrimp salad with curd balls.
Cottage cheese through a sieve, season with salt and pepper to taste, mix well. Curd mass formed from small balls, place in refrigerator for 20 minutes. One-third of the balls roll in the lemon zest, one-third — in the paprika, the remaining balls — in the chopped green onions.
Step 3

Shrimp salad with curd balls.
To prepare the filling mix the lemon juice with butter, whisk vigorously. In chilled bowl put lettuce, cheese balls put on top, slices of lemon and shrimp. Before serving, pour the dressing.

Shrimp cheese ball salad

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