Stewed White Beans with Tomatoes

Stewed White Beans with Tomatoes


Beans 250 g (dry)
Cherry tomatoes 10 pieces.
1pc large tomatoes.
Tomato juice of half a glass.
Onions 1-2 pcs.
Garlic cloves 2.
Vegetable oil 1-2st. spoon.
Salt to taste.
Sugar 1-2 h. Spoon.
Dill and parsley on a floor beam.

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white beans 

Rinse and fill with beans overnight in cold water. In the morning drain the water, pour fresh and put to cook until done.

Onion peel and cut into half rings, garlic crushed.

With a large tomato peel and cut into large cubes, cut off at the Cherry «ass», so that the cooking process was easier to remove from the dishes of their skin.

In a frying pan pour the vegetable oil and fry until soft onions and garlic.

Add the tomatoes, salt and fry. Broil sauce. If necessary, you can add tomato juice (do not forget to remove the skin from the cherry tomatoes)
Cooked Beans recline in a colander, drain the water and add to the sauce along with finely chopped greens. Stir and cover protomai on low heat for a few minutes. Gas off and let stand for another five minutes.
Garnish the pasta I used, but beans can be served as an independent dish.
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Stewed White Beans with Tomatoes

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