Eggs Benedict with salmon and spinach for breakfast, recipe with photo

Eggs Benedict with salmon and spinach for breakfast, recipe with photo

Яйца Бенедикт с лососем и шпинатом на завтрак, рецепт с фото


  • eggs 3 pcs.
    bread 3 slices
    milk 40 ml
    salmon 35 g
    spinach 20 g
    butter 10 g
    olive oil 5 ml
    vegetable oil
    ground black pepper
    for the sauce:
    butter 120 g
    egg yolk 4 pcs.
    lemon juice 1 tbsp
    ground black pepper


30 minutes Cut the loaf into pieces. Shake the egg (do not beat) with a fork, pour milk into a bowl, dip a roll in it, and then into an egg mash. Heat the oil well in a frying pan, fry the pieces on 2 sides until a straw-colored crust forms. Transfer them to several layers of paper towels to remove excess oil. Boil poached eggs. Wash, dry spinach, chop, fry in hot butter. Transfer to a bun, and put salmon slices on it, pepper a little, finish with a poached egg. You can add Hollandaise sauce if you wish. To prepare it, mix 4 yolks with a tablespoon of lemon juice, heat in a water bath. Add to the mixture 3 times, stirring well, after each added portion, 120 g of butter. Cook until thickened, remove from the stove, salt and pepper. There is a second way to make the sauce. Beat the yolks additionally (with a mixer, a whisk) right in a water bath with lemon juice until fluffy, pour in the melted and cooled butter beforehand, do not stop beating. You should get a thick mass, remove from the stove, add a little salt, pepper, beat again and immediately serve.

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