Chicken-mushroom julienne in tartlets

Chicken-mushroom julienne in tartlets

Tarts you can buy in the store, but meticulous Housewives who have a lot of time, you can prepare yourself dough.

Difficulty: medium

Kitchen: Home kitchen


  • cream 20% 500 ml
  • chicken breast 400 g
  • mushrooms 400 g
  • cream cheese 300 g
  • onions 2 heads
  • flour 2 tbsp.


  • To prepare a julienne, you need to boil the chicken in salted water, then cut it into small pieces. Mushrooms fry in vegetable oil with onions. Then mix the chicken and mushrooms, pour over the cream, sprinkle with flour and simmer over low heat until thickening.
  • The stuffing to put in the tarts, sprinkle the top with grated cheese and place in the oven for 15 minutes. When the cheese is browned, julienne the tartlets are ready.

The Council

Juiciness of food depends on the amount of flour in the sauce. If you use dried mushrooms, then they should be soaked for 30 minutes before cooking, then drain off excess liquid.

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