Chocolate Souffle Cake Recipe

Chocolate Souffle Cake Recipe


for the biscuit:
yogurt 80 g
10g baking powder for the dough
yolks 4 pcs.
egg 1 pcs.
sweetener tablets 20
4 tablespoons corn starch
vanilla 1/2 tsp
300ml milk
gelatin 40 g
egg white 4 pcs.
lemon juice
700ml milk
gelatin 20 g
cocoa powder 1.5-2 tablespoons


1 To prepare the biscuit mix one egg and extra yolks, yogurt, pounded into powder and sugar substitute baking powder for the dough. Add vanilla to the tip of a knife, corn starch. Mass Beat with a mixer until smooth. Pour into a greased form and bake until done, check with a toothpick if it remains dry, the cake is baked.
2 When you are ready to remove the cake from the oven, cool, can be cut in half horizontally.
3 To cook jelly cocoa, using 500 ml of milk, boil for five minutes, until slightly thickened. Add sweetener to taste. Gelatin for two hours in 200 ml of milk and pour into the warm cocoa.
4 To prepare the soufflé Beat whites in a light foam, add sweetener, mashed into powder, add lemon juice to taste. Gelatin is also pre-soak for two hours in the milk, warm and cool, carefully pour into proteins whip.
5 Assemble the cake: pour into the mold of the chocolate jelly, give a little stand in the refrigerator. Put on top of the souffle again removed in the cold for 15 minutes. Put a biscuit, and soaked jelly, then pour its remnants. The dessert in the refrigerator for 1.5 — 2 hours. He will turn upside down. Put the cake on a serving plate.
6 Garnish the dish on request: whipped cream, marshmallows, colored marmalade, chocolate figures, colored culinary grit.

Chocolate Souffle Cake Recipe

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