Crispy fried onion rings recipe

Crispy fried onion rings recipe


2-3 medium-sized or larger bulbs
500-700 g Panko Japanese bread crumbs (you can take the usual)
vegetable oil for frying
fine salt — to taste
for batter
70-80 g flour
45-50 g of corn starch (or potato)
2 tbsp. tablespoons dried instant mashed potatoes
240-250 ml of chilled sparkling water
large pinch of cayenne pepper

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First of all, we sift the flour (this will give a fluffy batter), mix the dry ingredients batter, pour soda and knead the dough whisk, which is about the consistency of, for pancakes.
The comfortable wide and flat shape pour Panko crumbs, mix with salt.
Prepare a strip of folded several times paper towels, which will lay out fried rings.
We peeled onions cut off both the top and the rest cut into rings 5-6 mm in thickness, and share them.
For frying warm up to the limit of the oil over medium heat. Well, if there is a deep fryer. No — pour the oil in a handy scoop or pan or frying pan with high sides. If not dealt with a frying fat — read the rules of working with him.
Once again, whisking batter, begin to roll in it the onion rings, so that no test there is not a millimeter. And just qualitatively paniruem rings in breadcrumbs.
Fry onion rings. Oil should boil around them, and places in between — enough to the rings do not touch the bottom and sides, as well as each other.
We take out of the ring when browned on both sides.

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Crispy fried onion rings recipe

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