Italian fish and seafood soup recipe

Italian fish and seafood soup recipe


tomatoes 300 g
sea cock 200 g
shellfish 200g
octopus 200 g
shrimp 140 g
fish San Pietro 120 g
wine white dry 100 g
olive oil 55 g
parsley 20 g
garlic 20 g
mussels 20 g
chili pepper 4 g
black pepper powder


1Preparate a sea rooster, a sunflower, cut into pieces. Fry garlic in the saucepan, pour in parsley, fry a little.
2 Pour in the white wine, add the cut octopus (young), cook for 10 minutes. Put a sea rooster, later add pieces of sunshine.
3 Quit a few minutes and add prawns and mussels with clams. Cut the tomatoes into cubes, pour into the saucepan, sprinkle with chili, fennel seeds, peppercorns, add and extinguish the Italian soup with seafood for half an hour. Serve the dish hot with fried bread, grated garlic.

Italian fish and seafood soup recipe

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