Pistachio mousse with avocado

Pistachio mousse with avocado

Avocado 3 pieces
½ cup honey
Unsalted pistachios 1 cup
¼ cup water
Lime juice 1 teaspoon
A pinch of sea salt

1. shelled unsalted pistachios soaked in drinking water for three hours, then drain and dry the nuts, laying on a clean kitchen towel.
2. pour into a bowl of pistachio blender, add honey, a tablespoon of water and whisk until smooth. Transfer the weight of pistachio in a bowl and place in refrigerator for five hours or overnight.
3. Chilled Avocado (available with pistachio mass removed for five hours in the fridge) clean from skin, remove seeds, cut into small pieces.
4. Diced avocado with pistachio weight load in the bowl of a blender, add one teaspoon of lime juice, a pinch of sea salt and a quarter cup of water.
5. At high speed beat avocado with pistachio until smooth. The resulting mass spread out on molds, cover with cling film and place in the refrigerator — for five hours.
6. Before serving, ready to decorate the mousse mint leaves or chopped pistachios — they can, for example, further fry in a dry frying pan for flavor.

Pistachio mousse with avocado


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