Salad with squid

Salad with squid

squid fillets 200-250 grams;
ground black pepper;
2-3 medium-salted or pickled cucumber;
clove of garlic;
canned peas;
1 pc Bulgarian pepper;
3-4 potatoes;
mayonnaise or sour cream;
parsley and dill.

Carcasses of squid purify and drop into the broth with chopped greens. The more green the better.
Cook for a long time do not need no more than 3-4 minutes, otherwise squid will rubber.
Let cool then cooked meat and cut into small cubes.
Cook potatoes in their skins. Let cool and cut into cubes also.
Sweet pepper seeds on clean and also cut into the salad.
Cucumbers can be cut into strips.
Garlic is passed through a fine grater or chesnokodavku.
All mix and add the peas.
Add salt to taste and dressed with sour cream or mayonnaise.
We shift in a salad bowl and decorate as desired, can be green leaves.

Salad with squid

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