Split Pea Soup with Bacon

Split Pea Soup with Bacon


500g smoked pork ribs
500 g of dry peas
100 gr of bacon
5-6 potatoes
1 carrot
1 onion
2-3 cloves of garlic
2 tablespoons mustard
Dill — 1 bunch
Parsley — 1 bunch
Salt — to taste


First wash the peas, pour the cold water and leave for 4-5 hours. Then cut the ribs into pieces of 1-2 ribs, pour 3 liters of water and cook 1-1.5 hours, until the meat begins to easily keep up with the bones. We take out the edges of the pan, cut the meat into pieces. We fall asleep in a pot of peas and cook for 30 minutes. Then put diced potatoes and cook for another 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, fry in vegetable oil until golden brown finely diced onions and carrots. Put them in a pot of soup, return the meat to the soup, cook for 10 minutes. 3 minutes before the end of cooking, put the mustard in a saucepan. Greens and finely chop the garlic, bacon cut into thin strips. Put it all into the soup and warm up for 1-2 minutes. Before serving, give the brew for 30 minutes.

Split Pea Soup with Bacon

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