Yam Tang Gua Thai Recipe

Yam Tang Gua Thai Recipe


Cucumber — is an annual plant of the family Pumpkin. Cucumber — widely available vegetable, belongs to …
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a tomato
Yalta onions
shrimp dry
smelt dry
dried anchovies
lime juice
fish sauce
rice vinegar


Prepare dressing of anchovies and smelt. Cut into several pieces smelt and anchovies (3-4 pieces). Place the fish in a coffee grinder and grind. We spread the mixture into a bowl.
Cut the lime into 5 parts: 4 walls and a central part. Squeeze in a bowl with the fish mixture of juice from 2-3 parts of lime (one serving — half a lemon). There also add half a tablespoon of rice vinegar (if ordinary vinegar, reduce the amount by 30%), 1.5 tablespoons sugar and 1 teaspoon fish sauce, stir.
Put the pan on the heat and put a handful of cashew nuts. During roasting lowers heating to nuts do not burn.
Cut the cucumber long strips and send in a bowl. Take half of Yalta red onion, purify and cut in the form of «garlic.» Parse onion segments, and send to the cucumbers. Mix. Sliced ​​tomatoes and sliced ​​cucumbers to send. There also add the mint and coriander leaves. Pour salad dressing fish.
Cut chili and go to the salad.
Before serving, decorate with dry salad shrimp, cashews, cilantro and a slice of lime. Bon Appetit!

Yam Tang Gua Thai Recipe


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